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Portfolio of Recent Work

A Quick Foreword

Welcome to my portfolio. Here, you will find a showcase of recent works; some works depict client projects while others depict side projects. I have worked for all sorts of small and mid-size businesses, from doctors to authors, manufactures to Realtors®. I would love to speak to you about your upcoming project.

Please note that this is only a small sampling of my career portfolio. Many previous projects, especially for enterprise clients, are on protected systems. To learn more about those projects, please contact me.

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Just Launched!March 2019

2019 Bliss Healthcare Services

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Bliss Healthcare Services provides healthcare services to the LGBT community in and around Central Florida.


2018 Enlighten Us

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Enlighten Us hosts community pop-up classes at local businesses around central Florida. Their classes are creative, on-trend, and taught by local experts. A totally fun and exciting client to work with!

2018 Dr. Nicci Santana

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Dr. Nicci is a warm and friendly counselor located in Winter Garden, FL. She specializes in individual, couple, trauma, and family counseling. Dr. Nicci contacted me to design a website and print materials for her practice.


2018 Blue Canyon

Branding // Consultation

Blue Canyon is a business intelligence firm dedicated to the practical application of Artificial Intelligence among enterprise business. I designed Blue Canyon's logo in vector format, aiming to effectively represent the company.

Website Not Launched Yet

2018 The Jim Buff Team

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

The Jim Buff Team is one of Western North Carolina's most successful real estate teams, and needed a website equally as successful. With full MLS integration, a mobile-first, responsive design, and fresh content, that's exactly what I delivered.


CASE STUDYClick to View

2017 Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Jeremiah's Italian Ice is a beloved and rapidly growing sweet spot located throughout Florida. This project was a redesign of an older website, complete with a fully custom CMS, marketing integrations, user accounts, and much, much more.

Read the Case Study

2017 The Sanctuary Oviedo

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

With it's serene natural surroundings, The Sanctuary in Ovideo, FL is a beautiful and luxurious neighborhood. The Homeowner's Association, which represents residents of The Sanctuary, hired me to design and build an informative website in order to keep everyone up to speed on neighborhood events and news.


2017 Ecuity Edge

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Ecuity Edge is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in a enterprise solutions for global manufacturers. Assisting Ecuity, I designed their pre-2018 website. I now work with Ecuity Edge on a daily basis as their Senior Software Architect.


2016 Barilla Pasta

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Working closely with Barilla's Souteast Regional Manager, I created a website called Walk the Blade for Barilla Pasta. This website highlighted innovative new ways to integrate pasta into dishes, and was one heck of a fun project.

Site Currently Unavailable

2016 C3 Pathways

Police, Fire, EMS Simulation Software

C3 Pathways trains first responders from all across the country in dealing with mass casualty events. Working with C3, I co-developed the most technically challenging and powerful pieces of simulation software available to first responders.

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2016 PackageSPEAK

Custom Web Design

PackageSPEAK is an online community dedicated to all things packaging. Complete with articles, polls, surveys, challenges, and forums, this website packs a ton of information in an interesting format. Visitors can even earn badges and perks for participating!

Site Currently Unavailable

2018 Bryan Koster

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Bryan Koster is an Orlando-based modern abstract artist. His work is fluid and has no recipe or structure. Metaphors abound in his work, such as his use of heavy rough paper because, as with life, it's "coarse, bumpy and unpredictable." I created his website as a journey through his work, from his eyes.

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Additional Work


Harley-Davidson Boots

Commissioned to design and develop an eCommerce website as a joint venture between Harley-Davidson and Skips Western Outfitters.

Bulldog Tactical Group

Custom design and development of a website for Bulldog Tactical group, who provides firearms instructions to LEO and civilians.


Commissioned to develop a new Wordpress website for LaunchSquad, a marking firm with locations from Boston to San Francisco.

Walk the Blade

Commissioned by Barilla Pasta to develop a marketing website with cooking recipes and tips utilizing their products.

Vizcaya Swimwear

Commissioned to design and develop a website for Vizcaya Swimwear, a unique and luxury brand of swimwear, founded by Lisa Opie.


Commissioned to develop a website gfor Xtelesis, a global telecom and communications firm based in northern California.

Inheritance Map

Commissioned to develop Inheritance Map, a service that provides an easy to manage way of recording assets for future inheritance.

Moretti Foods

Commissioned by Salvatore Moretti to design and develop a website in order to market fresh, never frozen pasta products.

ATA Construction

Commissioned to design and develop a website for a construction company in Asheville, North Carolina.

Doug Dillon

Commissioned to assist author Doug Dillon with a redesign of his website, putting a strong focus on his books and written articles.

Additional Work


Fox News Redesign

No matter where your political leanings stand, the general consensus is Fox's website is subpar. I set out to fix that problem.

The Gentleman's Network

The idea behind Gentleman's Network is to create an online community where men can come and discuss gentlemanly affairs.

Drink Like a Pro

Partaking in spirits should be enjoyed, not done for the sole purpose of getting drunk. Drink Like a Pro teaches you to not be a sloppy drunkard.

Ascend CMS

A beautifully simple, incredibly powerful, frustration-eliminating content management system configurable for you.

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