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Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Jeremiah's Italian Ice is a beloved and rapidly growing sweet spot located throughout Florida. This project was a redesign of an older website, complete with a fully custom CMS, marketing integrations, user accounts, and much, much more.

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Project Mission

When the marketing director at Jeremiah's Italian Ice, Devin, first contacted me their website was outdated and based on Adobe Flash; a serious problem for mobile browsers. Devin had many fantastic ideas, and a well thought-out direction for Jeremiah's, but needed a brand new website which could offer more to Jeremiah's customers. The current website simply wasn't allowing for Devin's vision to come to fruition, or visitors to easily explore. With Jeremiah's growing at a rapid pace, no time was wasted getting started.

My Role

The solution was to develop an entirely new online experience for Jeremiah's Italian Ice; one that included online user accounts for the J-List, Jeremiah's customer loyalty program. The new website empowers visitors to explore Jeremiah's menu, sign up for events and coupons, and lookup nearby locations. Powerful customer management features, a completely custom CMS, a beautiful design, mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization, an online shop, and tight marketing integration round off this fantastic website.

Mobile First

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile devices are foundational parts of modern life. Over 50% of smartphone users grab their phone immediately after waking up in the morning. Every website that I build, including Jeremiah's Italian Ice, is approached from a mobile-first perspective. That means all functionality first starts with it's mobile incarnation, then is expanded to include desktop-class interaction techniques.

  • Streamlined for Mobile Devices
  • Highly Focused on Mobile ROI Tactics
  • Optimized for Mobile eCommerce
  • Navigation Modified for Mobile Reach
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The J-List

Rewards Program

The J-List is Jeremiah’s unique rewards program, featuring members-only coupons, product announcements, and free birthday treats. For such a cool treat, this program is hot! With the launching of the new Jeremiah’s Italian Ice website, the J-List was improved and digitized. Members can now log in, select their favorite locations and treats, and access more unique features — expanding all of the time!

Since launching in Spring of 2017, has seen over 200 new J-List signups per day. That adds up to roughly 6,000 new subscribers a week!


Shop & Party Buckets

The new Jeremiah’s website includes major eCommerce components. Both an online shop with Jeremiah’s merchndise and party bucket ordering for events is available to visitors. In determining layout based on usability, it was determined that a step-based wizard would be best suited for the party bucket ordering process, which includes more options than a traditional checkout process.

Research indicated that visitors would most likely be moving forwords and backwards through the checkout process (editing the cart, adding more product, making adjustments, et cetera). The increased flexibility of a wizard was perfect for this visitor behavior.

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Jeremiah's Locations


Your Closest Jeremiah's

One of the major features of the new Jeremiah’s Italian Ice website is the ability for visitors to find the Jeremiah’s location closest to their current location. This was achieved by utilizing the Google Maps API to ask for and use a visitor’s geolocation, as well as providing the option to manually search by address or zip code.

Providing an effortless geolocation option to visitors, especially mobile visitors, is a crucial to a positive usability experience.

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Powerful Content Management

A CMS like no other. ASCEND is a custom designed and developed Content Management System, built on modern technology and assembled to industry standards, which I provide to all of my clients. From easy media management, to a focus on Search Engine Optimization for content, ASCEND powers all custom websites I build. The Jeremiah’s site is fully powered by ASCEND, including eCommerce functionality.

Entirely Custom

ASCEND is a CMS that fits to your unique content. It is entirely customized to the website in which it powers, as opposed to the opposite which is common with other content management systems on the market. From a website’s unique page structure, to its custom integrations and flow of data, ASCEND effortlessly manages it all. Not to mention, ASCEND provides multilingual support, as well as support for device-based content delivery.

More About Ascend

Customized Notifications

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Page-Based SEO Monitoring

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Powerful eCommerce Tools

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The Web Design

Production Process

The Jeremiah’s website, like all websites I design and develop, was produced following a Web Design Production Process that I have developed over the course of 10 years.

Paramount to visual beauty is proper functional cohesiveness. The Discovery phase determines goals, usability expectations, and content. From that, the Design phase produces a visual appeal and the Development phase pieces together the design and the functionality. Last, but not least, is testing.

Learn more about the Web Production Process

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