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A collection of projects, notions, skills, and possibly even books which I am currently working on and/or studying. Usually updated weekly, often bi-weekly, but no promises.

This statusboard is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Originally, I had my projects in the wonderful Interstate App, but have since switched my project management to Marketcircle's Daylite software. Still, I wanted a way to post what I was focusing on; projects, books, goals, et cetera. The answer was to create a statusboard of sorts, which you'll find below.

The statusboard is duel purpose: it serves to share with you what I am working on, and will hold me accountable vis a vis an out-in-the-open log. If I fail to track my progress, then it will be apparent to anyone visiting my site. This level of accountability, I believe, will help me stay focused. I've also posted a monthly challenge to the left.

Statusboard Projects, Notions, Skills & Ideas

  • Jeremiah's Italian Ice

    A completely new website for local Florida favorite Jeremiah's Italian Ice. Read more.


    Summer 2016

  • Federal Access

    An easy way to access federal documentation and legal services


    Summer 2015


    An innovative, context-aware, and responsive CMS. Read more.

    Progressive Enhancement

    Improving, all of the time!

  • Xtelesis Website Redesign

    A full service international IP communications integrator


    Spring 2015

  • PackageSPEAK

    A conversation on consumer goods packaging. Visit site.


    Fall 2014

  • Personal Site Redesign

    Woohoo! Welcome to the new design of jeremybuff.com


    Summer 2014

  • Inheritance Map

    For more information on this project, please visit its dedicated project page.


    Spring 2014

  • The Stand by Stephen King

    A phenomenal post-apocalyptical novel with rings of truth.


  • Appetite Crusher

    Website for a food delivery service. View logo design.

    On Hold

    Logo designed

  • Firearm Inventory

    A webapp to track your firearms, training, and maintenance records.

    On Hold

  • The Gentleman's Network

    Superior lifestyle tips for the discerning gentleman. Read more.

    On Hold

  • Drink Like a Pro

    Superior drinks for the discerning gentleman. Read more.

    On Hold

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