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Bloody Keyboard

ISIS' Digital War

ISIS, IS, The Islamic State; whatever you want to call it. They are conducting digital jihad on people all around the world, and they want to target your children.

Client Responsibilities

Client Responsibilities

I'm sure you know, or maybe you don't (no shame!), that web design and development is a very complex industry. Application (web or native) development is even more complex. Both parties have responsibilities.

Raindrops on Glass

Moving Forward

Our daily lives drudge on, ever-forward, in the same boring, consistent, predictable way day after day. So much so that The Matrix actually seems conceivable at times. That is, predictable until a challenge presents itself.

Made in America

American Entrepreneurship

Living in The United States automatically makes us some of the luckiest human beings to ever walk the earth. On this 4th of July, I want to take a moment and state how truly proud I am to be an American.

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Web Design

I specialize in beautiful, clean, and usable web design. Perfect for businesses, organizations, and and online stores looking to maximize engagement.

Application Development

Have an idea a little larger than "a website?" Well, a webapp might be the perfect solution. I focus on standards-based, object-oriented programming.


eCommerce websites need to be comprehensive, intuitive to search and navigate, and mobile friendly. If it's time to make money selling, I'm your guy.


Not sure exactly what you need? With my experience, I can serve as a valuable asset to your business or team in the form of consultatory services.


Interested in developing out your brand further? Online marketing and advertising can yield high dividends in your brand awareness and saturation.


Many wonderful ideas are large and need proper planning and execution. Together, we can determine set phases to deploy your business's online presence.

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