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Full-Service Digital Presence Solution

When you choose to work with me, you're choosing a collaboration. Working together, we will surface the correct direction, tone, and experience for your brand's digital presence.

Proper Design

Delivers Growth

I start from the ground up to understand

Your Business

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  • No-nonsense, frank discussions
  • Professional research and investigation
  • Qualified Recommendations
  • Guided implementation plans

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Step 2


Developing the Interface

Perhaps one of the most exciting phases, the Design Phase gives you insight into the fruits of all the Discovery. You'll begin to see the ideas in a visual context, noticing how the content is laid out and how imagery or structural design elements take shape. Content will take on a form factor, and the excitement ramps up.

In the beginning, wireframes may be presented to you for your approval, depending on the type of project at hand. After wireframes come fully-realized compositions, which include color, artwork, and either placeholder or real content.

How long will this take? For most projects, Design takes between 3 and 6 weeks.

Step 3


Developing the Interface

During the Development Phase, you get to see your project spring to life. The beautiful designs created in the Design Phase are converted from Photoshop documents into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This code is referred to as "markup," and allows for the creation of a basic website viewable in your browser.

Once the markup has been written, core functionality programming takes place. This programming, often utilizing PHP as the main programming language and MySQL as the database language, allows for complex functionality to be built into the site. This functionality may include the ability to create, update, display, and delete information via a custom Content Management System. At this point, you will be able to click around the site on a private Staging Server.

How long will this take? For most projects, Development takes between 1 and 3 months.

Step 4


Quality Assurance

The Testing Phase is actually more than a single phase. During the Development Phase, testing has already been taking place. Incremental testing along the way keeps the actual Testing Phase much more simple. During this phase, all site functionality is scrupulously tested on multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Both functionality and the presentation of data is tested, and errors are immediately corrected. Any outstanding bugs noted during Development are addressed, and monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, as well as server-side tools, are added to the website.

How long will this take? For most projects, Development takes between 3 and 8 days.

Step 5


Going live

Woohoo! We have finally arrived at the launch of the project. On this glorious day, you are officially handed the symbolic "keys to city hall." The project is yours, ownership and copyrights have been assigned accordingly, and you're ready to launch. But, alas! I do not disappear into the night like some sort of mysterious novella character.

I stick around, available to answer any questions and go over site statistics and analytics with you. Depending upon our agreement, you may have the option to retain me for maintenance, ongoing analysis and interpretation of Google Analytics and other related statistics. My goal is to ensure you're 110% happy.

How long will this take? Launching takes between 8 to 72 hours.