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ATA Construction is an Asheville, North Carolina construction and renovation company founded in 1996 by US Veteran Jamie Langford. Jamie needed a website for his business in order to better communicate with those interested in his services. Contracting me to use my skills for construction web design, I started designing a simple yet effective website for his business.

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Construction Website Case Study

Residential and Commercial Construction Services

The Problem

ATA Construction is a premier Asheville, North Carolina residential and commercial construction company founded by veteran Jamie Langford. While the business is successful and well known, their online presence didn't exist. The web provides a plethora of opportunities, and Jamie wanted to take advantage of what it has to offer.

The Solution

For this project, large fonts, a striking color pallet, and a focus on bold imagery was utilized to convey the site's purpose. A simplistic navigation and contact form were used to allow visitors to quickly contact ATA. An easy to use Content Management System was deployed to allow for the easy facilitation of editing the website for Jamie.

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