Rand Paul Announces Bid For Presidency

A Warrior for Digital Privacy & Liberty

by — Posted in Privacy on April 7, 2015 - with views

Rand Paul

Rand Paul, a powerful defender of liberty and digital privacy, announces his bid for President, bringing privacy and liberty to the forefront.

In addition to what is shaping up to be a packed Republican run for the White House, today Rand Paul has announced his bid for the presidency. After an announcement in Kentucky, Rand tweeted out the following:

You might be wondering why I, a freelance web designer and developer, am posting an article about this. Well, it's all about your digital privacy and the role of government in such concern. As Edward Snowden informed us all, the government is collecting all of your data via the PRISM Surveillance Program. You cannot hide. By now, there's no doubt that George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four was precognitive. The question we have to ask ourselves is "what do we do about it?" The answer is voting.

As someone keenly familiar with technology, data collection, and analysis, my concerns are certainly warranted. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation points out, polls continue to show the majority of Americans are against NSA spying. Rand Paul has continually stood strong against the NSA, voting for bills to limit the department, and even voting against bills that don't go far enough to rein them in.

Often, my clients ask me about the level of privacy and security I can provide their websites and databases. While I use industry standards, and sometimes more, there's no escaping Big Brother. While my client's concerns are chiefly regarding business, the bigger issue is personal privacy. Over the last decade, our privacies have been eroded on a routine, yearly basis. No politician has come forward, strongly, against this type of behavior. That is, until Mr. Paul stepped into the race.

I'm not one to mix business and politics, but the issue at hand is larger than the sum of the two. I know that I speak for many in the tech community when I say that privacy and online security area crucial areas that will undoubtedly become a large issue in the upcoming Presidential elections.

I encourage you to read the last paragraph of my previous article, which covers steps you can take to protect your identity and privacy online. It's worth looking into.

Thank you for reading.

Image credit: RandPaul.com

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