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Inspiration to Overcome Challenges

by Jeremy Buff — Posted in Business on August 2, 2014

Raindrops on Glass

You may find yourself in a challenge much larger than you've anticipated, or faced before. You must remember challenges exist to be overcame; strengthening your drive.

Our daily lives drudge on, ever-forward, in the same boring, consistent, predictable way day after day. So much so that The Matrix actually seems conceivable at times. That is, predictable until a challenge presents itself. An Agent Smith of sorts; something that's seemingly hell-bent on destroying you — a foe that appears indestructible. Bad things happen, but we must understand why they happen. Let's discuss.

Perhaps your tribulation is due to a client refusing to pay. Perhaps a court case against you; a speeding ticket or an incident involving a wee bit too much alcohol. Perhaps you screwed up and you know it. Maybe you didn't make a mistake but are still at fault somehow. Ah, responsibility. How unfair can that be at times? Perhaps the challenge you face isn't so messy: learning a new subject, for instance. Irregardless, you have a challenge; a mountain to climb. There's no changing that fact. Good — we're sticking to the facts. That will help.

Establish the Facts

The first thing that you need to do when in a fickle is establish the facts. What is the obstacle at hand? Be sure to take the time to define what the issue truly is. What events directly lead up to the emergence of the barrier you now face? Ask yourself questions similar to these. Having a solid understanding of events will not only assist in solving the problem, but will ensure you retain quality memories cataloged as experiences in your brain.

Be Honest

Being honest in answering these questions you pose to yourself is equally as important as asking them in the first place. What you are doing is mentally conducting an investigation. Now that you have asked and answered the pertinent questions, it's time for some brainstorming. How do you envision yourself ascending the mountain ahead? It is important to visualize yourself overcoming the stumbling block. If you do not provide enough attention to this vision, you will undoubtedly proceed half-hearted.

Assess Solutions & Fortify Insights

When I am speaking to a potential client, I make a point to explain that I provide insights, in addition to solutions. Reason being: solutions are reactionary, while insights are proactive. At this point, you have no choice but to be reactionary; the challenge has arrived and you are unprepared. Being unprepared is not necessarily a negative; you cannot be prepared for every challenge to come your way. However, you can learn from your current experiences. Now, I understand that's all well and good, but that's doesn't help you right now.

Your job, now, is to assess the solutions you have came up with while envisioning yourself overcoming the stumbling block. Now is the time to seek outside opinions, assistance, and other forms of advice. If you endeavor to surround yourself with good people, then this will be an incredibly enlightening and useful experience. If not, then you can chalk that up as another lesson learned.

Remember Who You Are

Ultimately, you are an incredible individual who has overcame previous obstacles. Don't think for one second that this particular obstacle is the end-all-be-all. You've thought that before; be honest. You have the capabilities to apply yourself by establishing the facts, being honest with yourself, and assessing potential solutions. Do yourself a favor and keep a journal (the Day One app, for instance) of the events. You will certainly look back and reassess yourself, perhaps when facing a future challenge.

Thank you for reading.

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